How to Pack for a surf trip with Chris Malloy

EXPN's Doin' Thangs: Packing For a Surf Trip with Chris Malloy. Traveling for surf can be an epic experience. There's excellent surf all over the world from Teahupoo, Tahiti to Antarctica. Malloy says he's probably surfed in over 40 countries. Make sure you pack a good quiver of surfboards. He packs three for a month long trip. He brings an 8' footer with a quad setup that can get into a certain mush. Bring a nice little short board for the waves you pray for. Then pack the gun, his is 8'0" that will get you into the biggest spitters. Bring a leatherman knife tool if you're not doing a surf tour. It's the best tool if you've got to carve yourself a fin last minute. Bring rope and not straps. Zip ties are great to rescue a tear or rip in a wetsuit.

Pack for a surf trip with Chris Malloy

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