Who Says Girls Can't Thrash? Claire Bevilacqua Has Surfer Dudes Drooling

No, seriously. Just look at her. The Australian born pro surfer would put most dudes to shame (and conjure up some serious inadequacy issues). 

Who Says Girls Can't Thrash? Claire Bevilacqua Has Surfer Dudes Drooling

Apparently Claire doesn't work out in the gym OR use steroids (I'm expecting some comments along that vein... the image above is just too incredible). Shot for last year's ESPN Body Issue, Claire's photograph was accompanied with the following quote from Keala Kennelly, a fellow pro surfer:

"Weights? I've never seen Claire use them. She's barely five feet tall and naturally built like a brick house. Her strong legs help her pull off moves other girls would go stumbling on. I've seen her climb to the top of coconut trees. I've see her dive and spear fish. She's one little ball of muscle."

One little ball of muscle. You can say that again. See her in action below.


she looks like a dude

You sound jealous.

Im confused as to how this relates to how-to, as cool as it may be.

I can look her hands and legs as men :-)

Don't be a hater.

Why does it seem like all Australian are super hot...
She's just got the body of someone who's been very active all their life... nothing makes me think steroids or gym. I've seen female body builders and they're not nearly that attractive. She's just got a lower body fat content than most females due to high activity levels (must higher than your average female's).

Now that's a weird body.
I'm pretty sure she's packing some balls in that bikini. And i mean down there :S
Maybe sport is not good for everyone after all

ahh no way man... shes a man!

confusion arises as to how these people think this chick is shemale lol

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