How To: Perform an aerial on a surfboard

Perform an aerial on a surfboard

Surfing: Hang Ten

The ocean is a force of nature that refuses any effort to tame it. To throw one's self on the mercy of this beast is a courageous act. With the help of this trick guide, you can learn to harness that power and push your water-borne adventures to new heights. See how to
perform an aerial on a surfboard.

Trick: Air (aka Aerial)
Difficulty: Hard

1. Air (aka Aerial) is an advanced maneuver and requires a lot of speed.
2. The surfer will wait for his opportunity when the lip to come over.
3. The lip coming over is like the rim of a pool (which skaters often ride).
4. So the surfer waits for the lip to come over...
5. He approaches the wave from the top and as he hits the lip, he un-weights (lifting the weight out)
6. Use the speed and energy of the wave to launch your board (you can even grab your rail [= the part of your board before you].
7. Let gravity do the rest (and it will), bringing you right back down into a perfect landing.

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