How To: Perform a headstand on a surfboard

Perform a headstand on a surfboard

Surfing: Hang Ten

The ocean is a force of nature that refuses any effort to tame it. To throw one's self on the mercy of this beast is a courageous act. With the help of this trick guide, you can learn to harness that power and push your water-borne adventures to new heights. See how to
perform a headstand on a surfboard.

Trick: Headstand
Difficulty: Hard

1. Aloha! The "Mystical" Headstand has been an integral part of surfing since it's beginning.
2. Only the finest of surfers can do the "Mystical" Headstand.
3. A surfer must be riding centered, his shoulders squared, eyes looking forward.
4. Then, the surfer bends himself forward, placing his hands down as he places his hands on the surfboard.
5. He then becomes "inverted and erect" (aka head over heels)
6. After the surfer rides erect and completely straight up (again, head over heels) he should regain his original position.
7. If you don't regain your position and ride away, you haven't completed the head stand.

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Aliens must think we're a strange species.

or magic.... wait, i don't think this would impress the na'vi, nevermind.

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