How To: Perform the Quasimodo on a surfboard

Perform the Quasimodo on a surfboard

Surfing: Hang Ten

The ocean is a force of nature that refuses any effort to tame it. To throw one's self on the mercy of this beast is a courageous act. With the help of this trick guide, you can learn to harness that power and push your water-borne adventures to new heights. See how to
perform the quasimodo on a surfboard.

Trick: Quasimodo
Difficulty: Medium

1. The "Quasimodo" is an all-time signature move originated by master-surfer Mickey Muniz back in the 1950's (but is still Rad current day).
2. It's a relatively easy maneuver to do, but is tricky because you will find your self-riding inverted.
3. The surfer is riding a wave and extends his arms out parallel to the surfboard and ducks his head.
4. It's not a "head-dip," but is tricky because you fold your body over (forward) riding with your head upside-down.
5. Careful, because you're not looking where you're going.
6. Riding the wave, your arms are still extended - end by rising up and riding away.

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