How To: Perform the sliding 360 on a surfboard

Perform the sliding 360 on a surfboard

Surfing: Hang Ten

The ocean is a force of nature that refuses any effort to tame it. To throw one's self on the mercy of this beast is a courageous act. With the help of this trick guide, you can learn to harness that power and push your water-borne adventures to new heights. See how to
perform the sliding 360 on a surfboard.

Trick: 360 (Sliding)
Difficulty: Hard

1. A sliding 360 is done by, instead of carving on the rail, using the bottom of the surfboard.
2. Sliding the surfboard on the wave, pivoting off of the back-riding leg the whole time, 360 degrees.
3. It's important to keep your head in the direction of the intended direction, so that the body follows (BIG TIP: and the body will always follow the head - ALWAYS!) 360 degrees [= to two rotations].

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